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€479 Kickstarter Pledge Voucher

€479 Kickstarter Pledge Voucher

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The first production of SG10, which is limited to 500 units of the copper edition, has been pre-allocated for backers of the original NSG S0 Kickstarter project, however, not all backers plan to take the offer and instead will be getting a full refund on their pledge. These unwanted cases have been made available for purchase to the general public but in order to comply with the refund requirements, purchasing them will follow this process:

1. Customers must first purchase a ‘€479 Kickstarter Pledge Voucher’ from Calyos' web shop (

2. Customers can then create an account on Streacom's web shop (

3. Customers can then use their KPV to reveeal the Pre-Order option on Streacom's web shop.

4. Customers can then us their KPV to apply a discount of €479 off the purchase price and place their order.

Only customers with a voucher will be able to place an order for the SG10 Copper Edition and the number of vouchers available will be limited to how many Kickstarter backers request a refund instead of the SG10.

The unique code can only be used once and will be delivered by email shortly after your order is confirmed as paid. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email into your inbox. Please do not share the code.

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